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Reading Time: 5 minutes cities

#Habitat3: Who Will Build Our Cities?

It is estimated that, by 2030, six out of every 10 people will live in cities, meaning that now more than ever, cities need to be versatile in how they accommodate and adapt to new migrant populations. But how can we see the influx of people into our cities as a source of re-invention and innovation rather than the source of endless problems? And what role can entrepreneurs and innovators play in building the cities of our future?
Reading Time: 9 minutes Luxor

The Makings of a Festival City: Can Luxor Learn From Edinburgh?

With history seeping from their pores, picturesque topography and similar population size, the cities of Luxor in Egypt and Edinburgh in Scotland have more in common that one might think. The political unrest in Egypt has impacted Luxor's tourism sector but its inability to capitalize on its cultural festivals, due in part to bureaucratic constraints and a lack of appreciation of modern cultural output, has left the Upper Egyptian city struggling to keep up. Can the heritage city build up a festival economy?
Reading Time: 6 minutes

On Property and Politics: How Unrest Shapes Real Estate

Whether revolution, war or geopolitics, global real estate is among the industries most sensitive to changes. Here, we look at the cases of post-Brexit London, post-conflict Kiev and post-revolutionary Cairo.
Reading Time: 7 minutes

Making Green Building Accessible With EDGE

Green building software and certification program EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) hopes to make 20% of new buildings in emerging markets green in the next seven years.
Reading Time: 1 minute productivity internet connectivity

In Charts: Does Connectivity Breed Productivity?

While it's natural to assume that cities with strong internet infrastructure work more efficiently, some productivity anomalies can be attributed to cultural, demographic and economic differences.
Reading Time: 2 minutes water leakage pipe

In Charts: Leaking Cities & Wasted Water

We analyze water supplies and actual delivered volumes in eight of the world's biggest cities, and find that ageing infrastructure in some some places is leaking more water than other cities even need.
Reading Time: 5 minutes street art paris france public art origami mural

Beyond Graffiti: Street Art for a Cause

Artists, communities and local governments are coming together to increase awareness and solve social problems through street art - once the hallmark of crime and vandalism.