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Reading Time: 6 minutes

On Property and Politics: How Unrest Shapes Real Estate

Whether revolution, war or geopolitics, global real estate is among the industries most sensitive to changes. Here, we look at the cases of post-Brexit London, post-conflict Kiev and post-revolutionary Cairo.
Reading Time: 7 minutes

Making Green Building Accessible With EDGE

Green building software and certification program EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) hopes to make 20% of new buildings in emerging markets green in the next seven years.
Reading Time: 1 minute productivity internet connectivity

In Charts: Does Connectivity Breed Productivity?

While it's natural to assume that cities with strong internet infrastructure work more efficiently, some productivity anomalies can be attributed to cultural, demographic and economic differences.
Reading Time: 2 minutes water leakage pipe

In Charts: Leaking Cities & Wasted Water

We analyze water supplies and actual delivered volumes in eight of the world's biggest cities, and find that ageing infrastructure in some some places is leaking more water than other cities even need.
Reading Time: 5 minutes street art paris france public art origami mural

Beyond Graffiti: Street Art for a Cause

Artists, communities and local governments are coming together to increase awareness and solve social problems through street art - once the hallmark of crime and vandalism.
Reading Time: 5 minutes

The Highs and Lows of Social Housing

Delving into government-led social housing schemes in Brazil, Egypt and Chile, we discover that's not how much money spent on development, but innovation in tackling the problem, that differentiates a good program from a bad one.
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Public Toilets Face an Uncertain Future in Big Cities

Many cities have eliminated maintenance costs for public toilets from their budgets, shutting them down or leaving them to fall into disarray. Meanwhile, others are paying their citizens to desist from open defecation, while a handful of entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunities afforded by the unavoidable call of nature.
Reading Time: 2 minutes

In Charts: Do Longer Metro Lines Negate Traffic?

We compare metro length and ridership with other modes of transport in 11 big cities across the world, to find out if more subway tracks are really the solution to road traffic.