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Urban Futures in Egypt: The Right to Transit

At a one-day seminar held in the pulsing heart of Cairo, urban disruptors, city-makers, planners, entrepreneurs, and city-enthusiasts gathered to discuss the challenges - and potential solutions - to Egypt's largest urban centers.
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Can Making Water Pipes Visible Create Awareness?

Named Most Innovative at the recent Flux Emerging Architects Design Competition, two students propose that putting water pipes on a building exterior will help raise awareness of the precious resource. However, others are not convinced.
Reading Time: 5 minutes Ridesharing can complement public transport to solve the Last Mile problem

Ridesharing and the Last Mile: An Urban Love Story?

As a new report discovers that ridesharing services complement - and don't compete with - public transport use, we look into the potential of integrating both networks as a solution to the dreaded Last Mile issue, plaguing commuters across the world.
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Sports, Style & Social Good: Why City Marathons Make Millions

As marathon season kicks off, what do cities stand to gain from bringing their streets to a halt for a day? If the trends in fitness, technology, fashion, and the experience economy are any indication, marathons bring much more to urban destinations than a few thousand athletes...
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Are Mobility Apps More Useful in Urban Crises Than Social Media?

The paradigm of passive, almost privacy-invading data collection has shifted into a new age of active, social data contribution - and it's mobility apps like Waze and Uber, not social mediums like Facebook and Twitter, that are harnessing the potential of this new era to provide a platform for relief organization and emergency information during disasters.
Reading Time: 6 minutes Urban Farming: Panacea Or Foodie Fad?

Urban Farming: Panacea or Foodie Fad?

Chickens clucking on rooftops is hardly the picture of urbanization, but surprisingly – and largely thanks to the slow food movement and the rise of urban agriculture – it is a picture that many would like to see replicated across cities in Europe and America. This might seem surprising if you come from a megalopolis like Cairo, where rearing chickens in the city is hardly the picture that urbanites would like to associate themselves with.
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5 Egyptian Innovators in Renewable Energy

With year-round sunshine and abundance of recyclable waste produced annually, Egypt is the perfect breeding ground for energy innovations. We meet five such companies at a special event put on by the Dutch Embassy and District Co-Working Space in Cairo...
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Design, Build, Breathe: Toward Sustainable Cities in the Middle East

Design Build Breathe – a one-day conference organized by the Cairo-based sustainable living solutions company Schaduf on 13 March – brought together participants and speakers from seven countries to share ideas and solutions on eco-building and sustainable agriculture.
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Bluestreets: An Artistic Gateway to 300 Cities… And Counting

We meet founding partners of, Jakob Von Fircks and Roberto Arroyo, and delve into their digital urban gateway, where up and coming and established street photographers alike are contributing to the virtual artistic documentation of their cities, for the love of their cities.