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Are Mobility Apps More Useful in Urban Crises Than Social Media?

The paradigm of passive, almost privacy-invading data collection has shifted into a new age of active, social data contribution - and it's mobility apps like Waze and Uber, not social mediums like Facebook and Twitter, that are harnessing the potential of this new era to provide a platform for relief organization and emergency information during disasters.
Reading Time: 6 minutes Urban Farming: Panacea Or Foodie Fad?

Urban Farming: Panacea or Foodie Fad?

Chickens clucking on rooftops is hardly the picture of urbanization, but surprisingly – and largely thanks to the slow food movement and the rise of urban agriculture – it is a picture that many would like to see replicated across cities in Europe and America. This might seem surprising if you come from a megalopolis like Cairo, where rearing chickens in the city is hardly the picture that urbanites would like to associate themselves with.
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5 Egyptian Innovators in Renewable Energy

With year-round sunshine and abundance of recyclable waste produced annually, Egypt is the perfect breeding ground for energy innovations. We meet five such companies at a special event put on by the Dutch Embassy and District Co-Working Space in Cairo...
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Diamonds in the Desert: Cairo & Austin

Austin's growth has outpaced all other American cities over the last few years, thanks to a progressive city council and the flourishing of both their technology and creative industries. On the other side of the world, Downtown Cairo has historically been a meeting point for entrepreneurs, artist and intellectuals alike. In the last few years especially, the independent art scene and tech innovation in the Egyptian capital has been picking up serious steam. Here, we compare and contrast the two cities and wonder what each can learn from the other...
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Austin: Wonderful, Wired and Weird

Constantly topping lists in terms of economic growth, job creation and liveablity, Austin has transformed over the last few decades to become one of, if not the most, exciting American cities. Between a tech industry that's outpacing the rest, a collaborative government and an iconic arts and music scene, we find out what makes Austin tick...
Reading Time: 9 minutes President Obama Speaks at SXSW 2016

SXSW and the American Dream 2.0

Perhaps the most important edition of South by South West to date, the 2016 festival reiterated Austin's standing as a hub for innovation in both technology and the arts. But, as we find out on our tour of America's creative cities, it's the unique DNA of Austin in business, governing and culture that really make the once-sleepy university town the perfect place to advocate the ambitious and reward the risky. And what happens at SXSW is just the tip of the iceberg...