Reading Time: 1 minute imaginerio mapping rio de janeiro's urban development

imagineRio: Mapping Rio de Janeiro’s Urban History

A brilliant interactive map by Rice University lets you see the Brazilian's city's urban development between the 1700s and today by compiling historical maps, urban plans, art and photography.
Reading Time: 2 minutes RBS S7 Crowd-Sourced Train Design Rendering by Stadler Rail

Swiss Capital Buys Custom-Made Crowd-Sourced Trains

In the first move of its kind, Switzerland's Bern-Solothurn Regional Transport department spent weeks accepting ideas on the specifications and designs of a new fleet of trains on the capital's most popular rail route. Here's what Swiss commuters wanted...
Reading Time: 1 minute solar power train india

Indian Railways to Trial Solar Power Train in Jodhpur

Indian Railways has announced the trial run of a six-coach passenger train fitted with solar power panels, able to generate up to 3.6 kilowatts to power all electrical equipment on board.
Reading Time: 5 minutes cycling air pollution

80% of Urbanites Breathe Unhealthy Air – Is It Safe to Cycle in Cities?

As the World Health Organization reveals that most urban dwellers are breathing air with pollutant levels exceeding their recommended limits, a study out of the University of Cambridge has calculated how much cycling can be conducted before the risks of pollution outweigh the health benefits of physical exercise.
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Can Making Water Pipes Visible Create Awareness?

Named Most Innovative at the recent Flux Emerging Architects Design Competition, two students propose that putting water pipes on a building exterior will help raise awareness of the precious resource. However, others are not convinced.
Reading Time: 1 minute mexican embassy rickshaw

Mexican Ambassador in India: Why I Chose a Rickshaw

"Millions of Indians use an auto rickshaw, why wouldn’t an ambassador use an auto rickshaw?” says Mexican Ambassador Melba Pria in a recent interview, extolling the virtues of the compressed natural gas powered vehicle.
Reading Time: 11 minutes Cairo's urban sprawl encroaches into the desert in the west, circulating the Great Pyramids in Giza.

Lessons from Atlanta: Tackling Cairo’s Urban Sprawl

In our final feature on Atlanta's transformation, we delve into the causes, problems with and solutions to its infamous urban sprawl and compare it with Cairo, Egypt's similar experience that saw the rapid development of suburbs and satellite cities. The consequent lack of connectivity, community spirit and equal access to opportunity, however, still plague Cairo today.