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Dubai’s Dizzying Heights: Rotating Buildings & World Records

Dubai takes skyscrapers to another level both literally and figuratively, as the emirate attempts to beat its own record for the world's tallest building, while a fully-rotating 80-story residential building is in the works.
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Video: Visualizing 6000 Years of Urbanization

Using data recently compiled and released by a Yale University research team, Metrocosm has produced a historical visualization of urbanization since the establishment of the world's first city in 3700 B.C.
Reading Time: 1 minute The DIY Eco-Cooler uses materials like recycled plastic bottles and cardboard.

Eco-Cooler: The Electricity-Free, Eco-Friendly Air Conditioner

With no engineering skills needed, anyone can create their own electricity-free air conditioner "Eco-Cooler" thanks to a copyright-free innovation that recycles used plastic bottles and can reduce indoor temperatures by 5° Celsius.
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5 Innovations in Eco-Friendly Construction Materials

The green and clean urban movement continues to infiltrate industries across the world, and construction is the latest. From self-healing concrete to transparent solar panels, here are five materials set to revolutionize the often-toxifying way we build.
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WWF Greece Maps a Greener Urban Future

A new mobile app lets users photograph, tag and upload images of local green spaces across Greece's cities, as Athen's looks to increase its notoriously low parks-per-capita level.
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New Delhi Reveals Van Gogh Rickshaw to Promote Women’s Safety

The crowdfunded project to use India's abundant auto-rickshaws as platforms for activating change started in Mumbai vehicles and has branched out to the capital, rewarding drivers who perform well in gender sensitization training.
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In Charts: Do Longer Metro Lines Negate Traffic?

We compare metro length and ridership with other modes of transport in 11 big cities across the world, to find out if more subway tracks are really the solution to road traffic.
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Egypt’s Own Bay Area? Surfing the Suez Canal

It's perhaps no surprise that cities across the world look to the San Francisco Bay Area as a benchmark for post-industrial urban success: with billions of dollars generated annually, the most innovations in America and enviable levels of liveability, the iconic city certainly stands apart. Meanwhile, looking to bolster an emerging ICT industry, Egypt has its eyes set on creating its own tech industry capital by the Suez Canal, with ambitious plans slowly, but surely coming to life.