Reading Time: 9 minutes

Urban Futures in Egypt: The Right to Transit

At a one-day seminar held in the pulsing heart of Cairo, urban disruptors, city-makers, planners, entrepreneurs, and city-enthusiasts gathered to discuss the challenges - and potential solutions - to Egypt's largest urban centers.
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Singapore: Augmented Reality to Cut Urban Noise Pollution

Using this technology, urban designers will be able to listen to the simulated sounds of the bustling city of Singapore and “see” how different noise sources act together using AR headphones in an attempt to reduce noise pollution.
Reading Time: 2 minutes Dubai 3D Printed Office

Dubai Debuts World’s First 3D Printed Office

Created in just 17 days, Dubai's fully-functional, 3D printed office is part of larger push to become the 3D printing capital of the world. Check out the photos here...
Reading Time: 2 minutes Lima panic button Serenazgo

Lima Installs 15 Downtown Panic Buttons

In a city where crime rates continue to soar, and traditional police response is slow and inefficient, the Municipality of Lima has introduced a novel way to increase security.
Reading Time: 1 minute imaginerio mapping rio de janeiro's urban development

imagineRio: Mapping Rio de Janeiro’s Urban History

A brilliant interactive map by Rice University lets you see the Brazilian's city's urban development between the 1700s and today by compiling historical maps, urban plans, art and photography.