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Public Toilets Face an Uncertain Future in Big Cities

Many cities have eliminated maintenance costs for public toilets from their budgets, shutting them down or leaving them to fall into disarray. Meanwhile, others are paying their citizens to desist from open defecation, while a handful of entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunities afforded by the unavoidable call of nature.
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Cairo: A Legacy of Entrepreneurship

In the 1930s, a young boy of 11 fled his village to Cairo, only to become an apprentice to a foreign cobbler who made shoes for Egypt’s royal family. 20 years later, and in the aftermath of the 1952 ousting of King Faruq, the shoemaker was forced to leave Egypt, leaving the young man – who had by then mastered the craft – with the capital’s most prestigious shoe workshop. But the young apprentice’s ambitions exceeded those of his master, and in 1954, he established Egypt’s first shoe factory; that man was Mohamed Lotfy, founder of Lotfy footwear. Over the course of this four-part series on entrepreneurship, we examine the factors that affect Cairene entrepreneurs, from access to markets and human capital to culture and support structures to finance and policy.
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Olli: The 3D-Printed Self-Driving Bus

Powered by IBM's Watson, this driverless 12-person bus can be printed and assembled anywhere in the world within 11 hours, hailed on-demand and even chat with passengers.
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How the Price of Your Home Affects Your Health

A joint American-French research paper reveals how property prices - and not just income, education and weight - affect self-rated health among a spectrum of residents in Seattle, USA, and Paris, France.
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U.K. Scientists: Speed Bumps Increase Pollution

New academic research has proven that abrupt slowing down and speeding up by cars leads to more CO2, NO2 and particle matter being emitted, leading for a call to remove them around schools and playgrounds.