Reading Time: 2 minutes Lima panic button Serenazgo

Lima Installs 15 Downtown Panic Buttons

In a city where crime rates continue to soar, and traditional police response is slow and inefficient, the Municipality of Lima has introduced a novel way to increase security.
Reading Time: 1 minute imaginerio mapping rio de janeiro's urban development

imagineRio: Mapping Rio de Janeiro’s Urban History

A brilliant interactive map by Rice University lets you see the Brazilian's city's urban development between the 1700s and today by compiling historical maps, urban plans, art and photography.
Reading Time: 2 minutes RBS S7 Crowd-Sourced Train Design Rendering by Stadler Rail

Swiss Capital Buys Custom-Made Crowd-Sourced Trains

In the first move of its kind, Switzerland's Bern-Solothurn Regional Transport department spent weeks accepting ideas on the specifications and designs of a new fleet of trains on the capital's most popular rail route. Here's what Swiss commuters wanted...
Reading Time: 1 minute solar power train india

Indian Railways to Trial Solar Power Train in Jodhpur

Indian Railways has announced the trial run of a six-coach passenger train fitted with solar power panels, able to generate up to 3.6 kilowatts to power all electrical equipment on board.
Reading Time: 5 minutes cycling air pollution

80% of Urbanites Breathe Unhealthy Air – Is It Safe to Cycle in Cities?

As the World Health Organization reveals that most urban dwellers are breathing air with pollutant levels exceeding their recommended limits, a study out of the University of Cambridge has calculated how much cycling can be conducted before the risks of pollution outweigh the health benefits of physical exercise.
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Can Making Water Pipes Visible Create Awareness?

Named Most Innovative at the recent Flux Emerging Architects Design Competition, two students propose that putting water pipes on a building exterior will help raise awareness of the precious resource. However, others are not convinced.