Reading Time: 4 minutes

Art & the City’s Costly Affair: Quantifying Gentrification

By spatially analyzing data gleaned from photo-sharing site Flickr and mapping it alongside property prices in London, researchers have been able to confirm the link between the presence of art and increased living costs.
Reading Time: 1 minute Hippo Water Roller

Hippo Water Roller Rolls the Water Crisis Away

Instead of carrying heavy water buckets, those who have limited access to water can easily move up to 90 liters of water by rolling it in this ingenious device.
Reading Time: 12 minutes Cairo, entrepreneurship, culture, infrastructure

Cairo’s Culture of Entrepreneurship

In the third installment of our #urbaneconomies series, we look at the role of culture and supports in growing tech and non-tech entrepreneurship in Cairo, using Daniel Isenberg’s Domains of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem as a guide.
Reading Time: 1 minute commute opportunity score

Opportunity Score: For Those Who Want to Walk to Work

From the makers of Walk Score comes Opportunity Score - an online tool for job seekers that scores cities on the availability of jobs that pay more than $40K and are less than 30 minutes away by public transport or foot.