Reading Time: 4 minutes weird architechture

China to Ban “Weird” Buildings

A directive issued by China's State Council urges architects to keep it simple, as the country's city skylines are dotted with striking, novelty buildings. Here we take a look at some of the weirdest and most wonderful structures already turning heads...
Reading Time: 1 minute

River of Trash Chokes Beirut Suburb

Lebanon's cosmopolitan capital - long known for its scenic sights and easy grace - struggles with a mounting river of waste.
Reading Time: 1 minute Capsule Coffee

City of Hamburg Says No to Capsule Coffee

Having ushered in a wave of disruption in the coffee industry, the likes of Nespresso and Keurig are under fire after the German city banned single-serve capsules from all government buildings. Will this controversy pave the way for a new set of caffeinated innovators?
Reading Time: 7 minutes

9 Innovations in Urban Farming

From rooftop and wall gardens to subterranean farms and edible gardens that dangle from office ceilings, urban farming has left no city without its little green...
Reading Time: 7 minutes

From A to Bridge: 8 Bridges That Serve as Destinations

While some bridges are built with more than commutes in mind, others are organically evolving into bona fide places all on their own. We take a look at some of the most intriguing bridge destinations...