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Move NY: New York’s Latest Transport Revolution

Move NY – an ambitious plan to reduce pressure on New York’s busiest roads, has garnered both criticism and support across the City. The plan, which promises to create more than 30,000 jobs and ease traffic congestion in the Big Apple, hopes to reduce commuting costs for New Yorkers and improve the city’s transit networks.
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Urban Futures in Egypt: The Right to Transit

At a one-day seminar held in the pulsing heart of Cairo, urban disruptors, city-makers, planners, entrepreneurs, and city-enthusiasts gathered to discuss the challenges - and potential solutions - to Egypt's largest urban centers.
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Singapore: Augmented Reality to Cut Urban Noise Pollution

Using this technology, urban designers will be able to listen to the simulated sounds of the bustling city of Singapore and “see” how different noise sources act together using AR headphones in an attempt to reduce noise pollution.