Reading Time: 4 minutes circular economy ellen macarthur

Why Cities Must Champion the Circular Economy

With a dedicated track at the Smart City Expo World Congress, the circular economy is emerging as vital shift, necessary to sustain our cities. Dame Ellen MacArthur leads the discussion.
Reading Time: 1 minute carbon emissions plants

Can Plants Keep Up With Our Carbon Emissions?

A study has revealed that plants have been able to stabilize the amount of carbon emissions in our atmosphere over the last few years. But can they continue to slow global warming?
Reading Time: 7 minutes Glasgow Wind Forest art clean energy

Glasgow and the Art of Clean Energy

As we continue our spotlight on Glasgow, we talk to Land Art Generation Initiative and Glasgow City Council about their recent art and engineering competition, in collaboration with local platform EcoArtsScotland, which will result in a public art installation that will also generate clean energy. Wind Forest will be built on Dundas Hill, a site encapsulated by the ongoing Glasgow Canal Regeneration project, and will be visible from across the Scottish city.