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In Charts: Do Longer Metro Lines Negate Traffic?

We compare metro length and ridership with other modes of transport in 11 big cities across the world, to find out if more subway tracks are really the solution to road traffic.
Reading Time: 8 minutes

Egypt’s Own Bay Area? Surfing the Suez Canal

It's perhaps no surprise that cities across the world look to the San Francisco Bay Area as a benchmark for post-industrial urban success: with billions of dollars generated annually, the most innovations in America and enviable levels of liveability, the iconic city certainly stands apart. Meanwhile, looking to bolster an emerging ICT industry, Egypt has its eyes set on creating its own tech industry capital by the Suez Canal, with ambitious plans slowly, but surely coming to life.
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A $750 Wind Turbine for the Masses Comes from Kerala

We speak to the man behind a brilliant innovation in wind power: this $750 turbine can be installed on any rooftop and is capable of generating electricity of around 5 kilowatt hours per kilowatt per day at a minimal low-wind speed of just 1.5 meters per second.
Reading Time: 5 minutes

A Public Transport Renaissance? Cairo Rethinks the Tram

The Egyptian government has decided to bring the abandoned tram in Cairo back to life after it deemed it outdated, leading to the removal of tracks just months ago. Here we trace the impetus for the 180-degree change of heart...
Reading Time: 13 minutes

San Francisco: From Wall Street of the West to TAMI Town

Once the pinnacle of the West Coast's finance and banking industries, San Francisco's development since World War II have transformed it into a mecca for arts, culture and indeed counterculture - and it wasn't long before the technology industry followed. Here, we trace the iconic city's rise and rise again, but it isn't without its challenges.
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Move NY: New York’s Latest Transport Revolution

Move NY – an ambitious plan to reduce pressure on New York’s busiest roads, has garnered both criticism and support across the City. The plan, which promises to create more than 30,000 jobs and ease traffic congestion in the Big Apple, hopes to reduce commuting costs for New Yorkers and improve the city’s transit networks.