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Countdown to #FutureofAfricanCities

Reading Time: 4 minutes environment sleep

Are Sleepy People Bad For the Environment?

New research from Japan reveals that people who report being sleepy more often, as well as those who sleep less at night, are less likely to engage in activities that are good for the environment.
Reading Time: 1 minute Norway floating underwater bridge

Will Floating Underwater Tunnels Come to Life in Norway?

The concept of 'submerged floating tunnels' goes back to the late 19th century yet, to date, no proposals have seen the light of day. Will the engineering marvel provide the solution for Noway's fjord-laden landscape?
Reading Time: 1 minute

BloomSky Reinvents How We See the Sky

BloomSky has developed a new generation of camera-monitored weather stations, helping users see what the weather looks like wherever they go.
Reading Time: 7 minutes

Making Green Building Accessible With EDGE

Green building software and certification program EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) hopes to make 20% of new buildings in emerging markets green in the next seven years.
Reading Time: 1 minute productivity internet connectivity

In Charts: Does Connectivity Breed Productivity?

While it's natural to assume that cities with strong internet infrastructure work more efficiently, some productivity anomalies can be attributed to cultural, demographic and economic differences.
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