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How Studio Roosegaarde Turns Smog into Diamonds

The Dutch designer's low-energy smog sucking not only seeks to free the world's most affected cities from stifling pollutants, but turns the collected carbon into diamonds in just 30 minutes.
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Argentinian Bylaw Requires Green Roofs in Cordoba

Becoming the second city to mandate green roofs in Latin America, Argentina's Cordoba has one of the widest encompassing specifications for eligible buildings among the handful of cities with similar policies across the world.
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Cairo Entrepreneurship: Markets & People

For the fourth and final installment of our #urbaneconomies series, we look at the dual role of markets and human capital in growing tech and non-tech entrepreneurship in Cairo, using Daniel Isenberg’s Domains of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem as a guide.
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Global Carbon Pricing to Reach $100bn by 2016/2017

Countries, cities, regions and companies have taken serious steps to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions as agreed in the Paris Climate Change Agreement, as the latest Carbon Pricing Watch report by the World Bank reveals.
Reading Time: 1 minute bridges biomimicry

Biomimicry Could Create Indestructible Bridges

By figuring out new mathematical models, inspired by the durability of 'form-finding' shapes and structures in nature, an engineering professor at the University of Warwick hopes to inspire a new wave of disaster-proof architecture.
Reading Time: 2 minutes water leakage pipe

In Charts: Leaking Cities & Wasted Water

We analyze water supplies and actual delivered volumes in eight of the world's biggest cities, and find that ageing infrastructure in some some places is leaking more water than other cities even need.