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Sheffield: The City of Steel Casts a Creative Future

Known for its legacy in metalwork, Sheffield post-industrial economy is shaped by more than cutlery and steel. Notoriously dubbed the ugliest town in the UK by George Orwell in the 1930s, the South Yorkshire city has reinvented itself into a place that embraces its heritage in arts and making through a wave of private-public partnerships that champion innovation in creative output. Continuing our #CreativeCitiesUK series, we delve into the makers, initiatives and spaces that have contributed to Sheffield's creative transformation.
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Will Chicago’s Wabash Lights See the Light?

The Wabash Lights Project merges lights and technology to capture the public's attention in what's planned to be Chicago's largest ever public art installation.
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Metroki: Saving New York Commuters Precious Time

Perhaps the most fast-paced city in the world, New York City's system for subway ticketing and payment is slowing commuters down. Two brothers from Washington Heights have developed a mobile solution that they're hoping will win the City's tender for a tech-upgrade to the iconic subway system. Continuing our #CreativeCitiesUSA series, we speak to Roger and Jeffrey Flores about Metroki and the startup ecosystem in the Big Apple.
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NYU to House Students with Senior Citizens

With student accommodation costs skyrocketing, an intergenerational housing scheme piloted by New York University hopes to half rental prices, while creating income for senior citizens.