Reading Time: 2 minutes speed bumps pollution

U.K. Scientists: Speed Bumps Increase Pollution

New academic research has proven that abrupt slowing down and speeding up by cars leads to more CO2, NO2 and particle matter being emitted, leading for a call to remove them around schools and playgrounds.
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Dubai’s Dizzying Heights: Rotating Buildings & World Records

Dubai takes skyscrapers to another level both literally and figuratively, as the emirate attempts to beat its own record for the world's tallest building, while a fully-rotating 80-story residential building is in the works.
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Video: Visualizing 6000 Years of Urbanization

Using data recently compiled and released by a Yale University research team, Metrocosm has produced a historical visualization of urbanization since the establishment of the world's first city in 3700 B.C.
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Eco-Cooler: the Electricity-Free Eco-Friendly Air Conditioner

With no engineering skills needed, anyone can create their own electricity-free air conditioner thanks to a copyright-free innovation that recycles used plastic bottles and can reduce indoor temperatures by 5 degrees Celsius.
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5 Innovations in Eco-Friendly Construction Materials

The green and clean urban movement continues to infiltrate industries across the world, and construction is the latest. From self-healing concrete to transparent solar panels, here are five materials set to revolutionize the often-toxifying way we build.
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WWF Greece Maps a Greener Urban Future

A new mobile app lets users photograph, tag and upload images of local green spaces across Greece's cities, as Athen's looks to increase its notoriously low parks-per-capita level.
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New Delhi Reveals Van Gogh Rickshaw to Promote Women’s Safety

The crowdfunded project to use India's abundant auto-rickshaws as platforms for activating change started in Mumbai vehicles and has branched out to the capital, rewarding drivers who perform well in gender sensitization training.