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Reading Time: 3 minutes Vacant housing in Cairo

Egypt’s Cairo Is Home To 4.7 Million Vacant Housing Units

With its population growing faster than ever and more people moving to the city, Egypt's housing crisis continues to grow. Despite the increasing need for more housing, the number of abandoned and vacant houses continues to rise.
Reading Time: 6 minutes Renaissance Dam

The Renaissance Dam: Between Addis Ababa and Cairo

More than halfway complete, Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam promises to provide the African country with a sustainable source of electricity. We speak to experts in Addis Ababa and Cairo on the impact that the dam will have on people in both countries.
Reading Time: 6 minutes smart ticketing

Is Cairo Ready For Smart Ticketing?

A batch of "smart" buses will begin operations in Cairo this month, but does that mean the capital's transportation system arrived at the golden age of smart ticketing?
Reading Time: 7 minutes

In Photos: Reflections on City Life in Paris, Cairo & New York

In this project that combines photography and text, visual artist and writer Alya Sorour explores Cairo, Paris and New York as a flâneur - as a wanderer seeking to understand three cities that have influenced her life in various ways at different times. From desolate landscapes and voyeuristic angles, Sorour's astute observations about capitalism, society and the unintended consequences of 19th century urban design result in a collection of photographs that are at times striking, and at others, haunting. The text - an edited version of her preface to the project - explains her journey from initiation to completion and charts her attempts to grapple with urban wanderings.