Reading Time: 3 minutes TRJFP Pop-Up

TRJFP: The Innovative Food Superhero in Leeds (UK)

We follow through with our #CreativeCitiesUK with certifiably qualified chef from Leeds starts a food saving revolution named The Real Junk Food Project, taking urban cities by storm and raising awareness on "astronomic" levels of food waste.
Reading Time: 12 minutes Leeds City Museum

Leeds: A Diverse City with a Leading Creative Future

Leeds economy and culture have long been diverse. With a new interest in creative industries that grew during the past several years, the city shows that it still has more to offer. In this installment of our #CREATIVECITIESUK we travel to the post-industrial city to explore its streets, creative spaces, economy and hidden talents.
Reading Time: 8 minutes

Abu-Dubai: A Global Aerotropolis in the Making

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two vibrant cities in the volatile Middle East which possess a different type of vision for the future. While they have been fiercely competitive in the past, geography and global markets will bring them together in the 21st century as a connected mega metropolis " Abu-Dubai " , connecting the world.