Reading Time: 1 minute Apis Cor Exterior of House (Courtesy of Apis Cor)

Apis Cor 3D-Prints House in Only 24 Hours

Employing a compact system, the company printed a 400-square-foot (37 m²) abode with a concrete slurry—completely on-site in Russia—for less than $11,000.
Reading Time: 7 minutes

Circular Cities: Building an Urban Future

From retrofitting and optimizing existing buildings to designing and building sustainable structures for the future, we look at some of the ways that circularity can be designed into urban architecture.
Reading Time: 4 minutes IWBI WELL 2017 Vision

The IWBI: Improving Well-Being Through Buildings

The International WELL Building Institute strives to optimize buildings while introducing a new benchmark—one that places the focus on people, healthy living and sustainable work culture.
Reading Time: 5 minutes circular energy systems

Energy Systems: How Will Circular Cities Power Themselves?

As cities lead the way in the circular economy transition, they face many challenges. We look at the latest developments - and major challenges - of building renewable and resilient energy systems for our cities.