Reading Time: 6 minutes Earthquakes

After Two Earthquakes, Mexico City Shows Resilience

Volunteers and architecture students detail the resilience and disaster relief efforts that they witnessed onthe ground in response to the earthquakes that shook Mexico City in September.
Reading Time: 3 minutes Essen Green City

Essen: City of Coal Goes Green

The German city of Essen demonstrates how to transform an industrial city from a coal-choked center to the 'green capital' of Europe
Reading Time: 3 minutes Vacant housing in Cairo

Egypt’s Cairo Is Home To 4.7 Million Vacant Housing Units

With its population growing faster than ever and more people moving to the city, Egypt's housing crisis continues to grow. Despite the increasing need for more housing, the number of abandoned and vacant houses continues to rise.
Reading Time: 3 minutes The palm tree is one of LA's most striking features.

Aesthetics Vs. Utility: The End of LA’s Palm Tree?

For years now, the South American palm weevil has been slowly gnawing away at Los Angeles' most striking feature: the palm tree. But as the city faces the potential erasure of its hallmark in the face of climate change, it must make a decision to balance utility against aesthetics.
Reading Time: 6 minutes Tech is not neutral-digital

Tech Is Not Neutral: Can The Digital Create & Circulate Value?

In the span of just a few decades, "technology" has quickly become integrated into every aspect of our lives. But how can digital solutions truly help us create a better planet, lead more meaningful lives and become more efficient?
Reading Time: 1 minute

Trash Isles Could Be The 196th Country On Earth

LADbible and Ocean Plastics Foundation are lobbying for the world to recognize a pile of garbage the size of France in the Pacific Ocean as a country they are calling the Trash Isles.