Reading Time: 5 minutes GIS mapping

Study: GIS Mapping and Gentrification in American Cities

In a move to better understand gentrification as a phenomena, a study has shown that leadership across American cities have resorted to GIS Mapping to identify areas that are or will undergo gentrification and how to prevent it.
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Infograph: How Communities Can Deal With Water Scarcity

In places, notably China and India, 500 million people consume twice more water than the amount replenished by rain every year, meaning that a steady water supply isn’t guaranteed to them in coming years.
Reading Time: 10 minutes data privacy

Data Privacy: Do Smart Cities Need Surveillance?

“We often get that comment – ‘Big brother is watching you’ – but I prefer to say, ‘Big brother is helping you.’ We want safe nightlife, but not a soldier on every street corner.”
Reading Time: 5 minutes Jeddah Opera House

The Jeddah Opera House & Saudi Arabia’s Cultural Revolution

As the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia enacts policies that raise eyebrows on both sides of the spectrum, the Jeddah Opera House, slated for completion by 2022, stands out as a symbol of the country's cultural revolution.