Reading Time: 6 minutes Balkanska Street: Bridge Between Old New

The Two Wheels of Belgrade

To say that the Balkans have been turbulent through its history would definitely be an understatement. If you could visualize a map of Europe as a set of fre...
Reading Time: 14 minutes Nashville Honkey Tonk Bars

Nashville: Destination City, USA – Part 1

In the first of our 3 installments, we dig deeper into the DNA of the city of Nashville, TN, which has made headlines in the last few decades as one of the top ...
Reading Time: 3 minutes TRJFP Pop-Up

TRJFP: The Innovative Food Superhero in Leeds (UK)

We follow through with our #CreativeCitiesUK with certifiably qualified chef from Leeds starts a food saving revolution named The Real Junk Food Project, taking urban cities by storm and raising awareness on "astronomic" levels of food waste.