Reading Time: 7 minutes slums

African Slums: Diverse, Resilient And Here To Stay

With an estimated 55% of urban residents in sub-Saharan Africa living in slums, we look at some of the challenges that informal settlements pose to both slum dwellers and policy-makers in Africa's urban capitals.
Reading Time: 10 minutes Mr. Rogers Statue (by Roger Berk) Overlooking Pittsburgh (Foo Conner | Jekko)

Pittsburgh: Appalachia’s Resourceful Creative City

Once the center of American steel, Pittsburgh went through an implosive period during the 80s but has since reemerged from the ashes of deindustrialization, forging a new identity as the next great U.S. metropolis—one that equally embraces resourcefulness, innovation and creativity. We continue with our #CreativeCitiesUSA series to see how the city is leading the way in America’s Rust Belt.
Reading Time: 1 minute Apis Cor Exterior of House (Courtesy of Apis Cor)

Apis Cor 3D-Prints House in Only 24 Hours

Employing a compact system, the company printed a 400-square-foot (37 m²) abode with a concrete slurry—completely on-site in Russia—for less than $11,000.