Reading Time: 10 minutes Beit Beirut

Beit Beirut: Where Does War Go After The Fighting Has Ended?

For the generation that is younger than 30 years old, the Civil War has become a thing of their parents and what seems to become a bygone era. But memories of it still linger, whether or not the youth have seen the war.
Reading Time: 5 minutes From the Egyptian Pavilion at the Architecture Exhibition at Venice Biennale. Courtesy of Roba Becciah.

Roba Becciah: The Informal City – Informality And The Modern Metropolis

This year's Egypt Pavilion at the Venice Beinnale, "Roba Becciah: The Informal City," takes on free, unstructured, informal trading in cities like Cairo. We speak with architecture professor Cristiano Luchetti, one of the co-curators of the exhibit, on how unstructured urban markets can help us rethink free space in our cities.
Reading Time: 9 minutes mapping cities

Mapping Cities in the Age of Digitization

In the past, those who drew maps, like those who wrote history, produced dominant narratives of how the world looked. Today, with open source maps, the power is in the hands of those who map.
Reading Time: 3 minutes foggy weather

Foggy Weather May No Longer Be A Threat to AVs

The technology, which uses a depth-imaging system, was able to see images up to 57 centimeters (22 inches) through dense fog whereas the naked eye can only see up to 36 centimeters (14 inches).