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Air Transformed: Making Sheffield’s Pollution Data Fashionable

Continuing our spotlight on Sheffield as part of our #CreativeCitiesUK project, we meet with Stefanie Posavec and Miriam Quick - two data artists who have embraced the city's legacy of making to create wearable fashion pieces that visualize pollution in the city. Commissioned part of an ongoing effort between Better With Data, Sheffield's branch of the Open Data Institute, and Sheffield City Council, Air Transformed makes understanding vital air quality data a tangible and experiential process.
Reading Time: 1 minute

Will Chicago’s Wabash Lights See the Light?

The Wabash Lights Project merges lights and technology to capture the public's attention in what's planned to be Chicago's largest ever public art installation.
Reading Time: 3 minutes qubix cargotecture containers egypt

Qubix: Creating a Cargotecture Culture in Egypt

Creating custom offices, restaurants and homes out of shipping containers, Egyptian startup Qubix is able to create unique and sustainable 'cargotecture' at 90% less cost than some of their counterparts in Canada and the US.