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Art & the City’s Costly Affair: Quantifying Gentrification

By spatially analyzing data gleaned from photo-sharing site Flickr and mapping it alongside property prices in London, researchers have been able to confirm the link between the presence of art and increased living costs.
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Public Toilets Face an Uncertain Future in Big Cities

Many cities have eliminated maintenance costs for public toilets from their budgets, shutting them down or leaving them to fall into disarray. Meanwhile, others are paying their citizens to desist from open defecation, while a handful of entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunities afforded by the unavoidable call of nature.
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Video: Visualizing 6000 Years of Urbanization

Using data recently compiled and released by a Yale University research team, Metrocosm has produced a historical visualization of urbanization since the establishment of the world's first city in 3700 B.C.
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In Cinema: 15 Takes On London

We take a look at some of the films that have immortalized the British capital over the years.
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Diamonds in the Desert: Cairo & Austin

Austin's growth has outpaced all other American cities over the last few years, thanks to a progressive city council and the flourishing of both their technology and creative industries. On the other side of the world, Downtown Cairo has historically been a meeting point for entrepreneurs, artist and intellectuals alike. In the last few years especially, the independent art scene and tech innovation in the Egyptian capital has been picking up serious steam. Here, we compare and contrast the two cities and wonder what each can learn from the other...
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Bluestreets: An Artistic Gateway to 300 Cities… And Counting

We meet founding partners of, Jakob Von Fircks and Roberto Arroyo, and delve into their digital urban gateway, where up and coming and established street photographers alike are contributing to the virtual artistic documentation of their cities, for the love of their cities.