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Abu-Dubai: A Global Aerotropolis in the Making

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two vibrant cities in the volatile Middle East which possess a different type of vision for the future. While they have been fiercely competitive in the past, geography and global markets will bring them together in the 21st century as a connected mega metropolis " Abu-Dubai " , connecting the world.
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Metroki: Saving New York Commuters Precious Time

Perhaps the most fast-paced city in the world, New York City's system for subway ticketing and payment is slowing commuters down. Two brothers from Washington Heights have developed a mobile solution that they're hoping will win the City's tender for a tech-upgrade to the iconic subway system. Continuing our #CreativeCitiesUSA series, we speak to Roger and Jeffrey Flores about Metroki and the startup ecosystem in the Big Apple.
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NYC’s $5 Million Noise Pollution Project

In New York City, nine out of 10 people are subjected to harmful levels of noise. At a cost of nearly $5 million, this project uses machine-listening to analyze sounds across the city.
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In Photos: Repurposing London’s Iconic Phone Booths

As phone booths in cities across the world fall into disuse, entrepreneurs in the British capital are transforming these antiquated relics of pre-mobile times into everything from public art to Smartphone repair stations.
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Four US Cities Win Grants to Better Quality of Life

Portland follows London’s footsteps and installs air quality monitors while Newport News develops flood prediction systems, as the White House grants $350,000 to four winning projects.
Reading Time: 1 minute draw your city

Draw Your City: Mapping City Limits

Challenging the assumption that city boundaries are set by planners, Draw Your City has ordinary citizens mapping the limits of their city