Reading Time: 2 minutes terminator-2-judgement-day


Farid Tabarki returns to write about Terminator, artificial intelligence, Vladimir Putin, the Third World War, and human rules.
Reading Time: 5 minutes E-payment

5 Startups Encouraging E-Payment In Africa

Amid the economic boom in Africa, startups are taking the e-payment revolution by storm - which is projected to speed up the continent's renaissance.
Reading Time: 6 minutes Tech is not neutral-digital

Tech Is Not Neutral: Can The Digital Create & Circulate Value?

In the span of just a few decades, "technology" has quickly become integrated into every aspect of our lives. But how can digital solutions truly help us create a better planet, lead more meaningful lives and become more efficient?
Reading Time: 2 minutes The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow

Farid Tabarki writes about the day after tomorrow, science fiction, views of mankind, writer Isaac Asimov, and Star Trek.
Reading Time: 3 minutes Transportation Startups in Africa

5 Startups Tackling Transportation Challenges In Africa

With the understanding that mobility is one of the main pillars of city life, these startups are plugging in the loopholes left behind by urban planning across the African continent and helping to improve transportation for their cities.