Reading Time: 2 minutes New York City Open Data Week Statue of Liberty (Courtesy of George Hodan)

First Annual Open Data Week in New York City

From March 4-11, the gathering, comprised of several events, will bring together influencers, experts and citizens to discuss the effects of big data.
Reading Time: 8 minutes

Abu-Dubai: A Global Aerotropolis in the Making

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two vibrant cities in the volatile Middle East which possess a different type of vision for the future. While they have been fiercely competitive in the past, geography and global markets will bring them together in the 21st century as a connected mega metropolis "Abu-Dubai," connecting the world.
Reading Time: 6 minutes new york subway metroki app

Metroki: Saving New York Commuters Precious Time

Perhaps the most fast-paced city in the world, New York City's system for subway ticketing and payment is slowing commuters down. Two brothers from Washington Heights have developed a mobile solution that they're hoping will win the City's tender for a tech-upgrade to the iconic subway system. Continuing our #CreativeCitiesUSA series, we speak to Roger and Jeffrey Flores about Metroki and the startup ecosystem in the Big Apple.
Reading Time: 1 minute nyc noise pollution sound

NYC’s $5 Million Noise Pollution Project

In New York City, nine out of 10 people are subjected to harmful levels of noise. At a cost of nearly $5 million, this project uses machine-listening to analyze sounds across the city.