Reading Time: 10 minutes Mr. Rogers Statue (by Roger Berk) Overlooking Pittsburgh (Foo Conner | Jekko)

Pittsburgh: Appalachia’s Resourceful Creative City

Once the center of American steel, Pittsburgh went through an implosive period during the 80s but has since reemerged from the ashes of deindustrialization, forging a new identity as the next great U.S. metropolis—one that equally embraces resourcefulness, innovation and creativity. We continue with our #CreativeCitiesUSA series to see how the city is leading the way in America’s Rust Belt.
Reading Time: 2 minutes New York City Open Data Week Statue of Liberty (Courtesy of George Hodan)

First Annual Open Data Week in New York City

From March 4-11, the gathering, comprised of several events, will bring together influencers, experts and citizens to discuss the effects of big data.
Reading Time: 8 minutes PodShare People in Pods

PodShare: Coliving for the Freelance Economy

This live/work community in LA is a one-of-a-kind startup fusing collaboration, minimalist living and sustainability within an engaging and friendly environment.
Reading Time: 2 minutes senior-student-housing-nyu

NYU to House Students with Senior Citizens

With student accommodation costs skyrocketing, an intergenerational housing scheme piloted by New York University hopes to half rental prices, while creating income for senior citizens.