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HowLoud Adds New Dimension to Measuring Liveability

Inspired by the ubiquity of the Walkscore in digital real estate listings, a former Caltech mathematician has developed the most comprehensive way to measure and score urban environmental sound. And the Soundscore is a facet of liveability often forgotten.
Reading Time: 1 minute Tanzania Cancels Union Day Celebration and Transfers Budget to Airport Road Expansion in Mwanza

Tanzania Cancels Union Day Celebrations, Redirects Funds to Road Expansion

In his third such decision in six months, Tanzanian president John Magufuli has canceled annual Union Day celebrations in the name of austerity and has instead channeled the budget towards the expansion of an important airport road in Mwanza, the country's second biggest city.
Reading Time: 1 minute san francisco golden gate bridge solar power energy

San Francisco Law: Solar Panels in All New Buildings

As part of the city's effort to produce 100% of its electricity through renewable energy, San Francisco's new legislation makes it the first major US city to require all buildings of 10 floors or less to integrate solar panels.
Reading Time: 3 minutes Indian City Gurgaon is Renamed Gurugram New Name

Gurgaon Becomes Gurugram in India’s Latest City Renaming

What's in a name? A hot debate has emerged between Hindu nationalists and influential opposition players as the BJP government moves to rename what is widely considered one of India's most important business hubs, where hundreds of Fortune 500 have set up their Indian headquarters.