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Trash Isles Could Be The 196th Country On Earth

LADbible and Ocean Plastics Foundation are lobbying for the world to recognize a pile of garbage the size of France in the Pacific Ocean as a country they are calling the Trash Isles.
Reading Time: 3 minutes Transportation Startups in Africa

5 Startups Tackling Transportation Challenges In Africa

With the understanding that mobility is one of the main pillars of city life, these startups are plugging in the loopholes left behind by urban planning across the African continent and helping to improve transportation for their cities.
Reading Time: 2 minutes Eternal Youth

Eternal Youth

Farid Tabarki examines the relationship between the Hitler Youth, creativity, effectuation and LSD.
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Infograph: Technology And Solutions For Clean Water

As the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) kicks off Pollution Prevention Week, we take a look at some of the technology and solutions for an increasingly scarce resource - clean water.